Caterham is what we do!

As an authorized Caterham Cars agent and motor-sport specialist, Beachman Racing offers a full range of services for all phases of Caterham ownership:

New vehicle purchase

The Caterham Seven is offered in a range of models with many options, to complement the individuality of each owner.  We can help specify and order the perfect Seven for you, starting with the very capable and affordable Seven 280, and extending all the way to the 310HP supercharged Seven 620R.  Each model features a healthy list of options and option packages to completely personalize the Seven ownership experience - well beyond what is offered in mass-produced automobiles. Contact us for more details.

Professional assembly services

The Caterham Seven is hand-built in the company's UK-based facility, and shipped to the USA as either a "kit" or "rolling chassis".  The vehicle kit arrives as a full factory-assembled chassis, painted as specified, with all vehicle wiring harnesses installed.  Remaining parts to be installed include suspension, steering and power train.  When delivery of a "rolling chassis" is requested, all aspects of the vehicle are fully assembled, with the exception of engine and gearbox..

Beachman Racing offers expert, professional assembly services to assist in the completion of your Caterham Seven. For local and regional clients, we will also guide you through the process of titling, licensing, and insuring your new Caterham Seven.

Maintenance, replacement parts, service and repair

Based on a time-proven design that has kept pace with the latest automotive technology standards, the Caterham Seven is a reliable vehicle with low running-costs.  As an authorized agent, Beachman Racing can fulfill all of your Caterham Seven regular maintenance and repair requirements.  From oil-changes to crash repair, your Seven will be restored and maintained to factory specification. As a stocking distributor for factory Caterham parts, Beachman Racing will apply expert knowledge of the Caterham Seven to get you the right part, in a reasonable timeframe.

Track-preparation and track support

The race-track is a natural habitat for the Caterham Seven right out of the box, and Beachman Racing can be the partner to fulfill your motor-sport passion.  Taking a goal-based and systems approach, we can implement both a driver and vehicle development program that maximizes the fun-factor while being respectful of budget:

  • Driver coaching - ranging from introductory sport driving to club or professional racing
  • Track support - vehicle transport, as well as management and care of the vehicle at the race track
  • Pre/Post track event vehicle inspection/maintenance
  • Track-oriented vehicle improvement - race suspension/setup, safety systems and gear, data acquisition, track wheel/tire fitment, etc.

Vehicle upgrades and custom projects

Beachman Racing offers a wide range of parts and system upgrades for the Caterham Seven, to personalize the appearance and enhance the performance of your car.